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A young woman with teal nail polish tying a bow on a wrapped present

A How-To Guide: The Best Homemade Holiday Gifts


Earn some serious “OMG, you made that?!” clout with these insanely-cool handcrafted holiday gift ideas from HERE Minneapolis student apartments.

What Homemade Gifts are Best?

Deciding what handcrafted gift to make for friends and family, or even neighbors, can be challenging. But with a personalized gift for an individual, or gifts made in bulk for multiple people, you’ll make short work of your gift list and save money in the process. Whether you’re baking up a massive batch of roasted candied almonds or customizing picture frames with sentimental photos, picking the perfect handmade gift really comes down to your time, budget, and skill set.

Where Can I Get Supplies for Some Artistic or Self-Care Gifts?

If you’re more of the artsy-type, go for this super cool glass photo magnet project with supplies from Art Materials LLC. Or try your hand at one of these awesome projects using polymer clay from Blick Art Materials. Gift those people in your life who enjoy a little self-care with a personalized journal using supplies from Paper Source or make a custom-scented candle with a kit from Michaels. Bonus – if you’re on a budget, these crafty ideas are uber budget-friendly!

How About Personalized Gifts for Plant Lovers?

Check out these sweet gift ideas for those plant fanatics in your life: This super easy gift includes spray painting a plastic dinosaur toy, cutting a hole in the top, and calling it a succulent planter! Or, head up to Hidden Treasures (or any other thrift store) and upcycle a pretty vase to paint or mosaic it for the most epic customized planter.

How to Mail a Homemade Gift?

Packing and shipping your homemade gift can be risky, no doubt, but when it comes to shipping, bubble wrap or packing peanuts are going to save the day. Make sure to give plenty of cushion and extra room for bumps along the way. Sending homemade food via mail? Then be sure to read this handy guide. One of the cheapest ways to send your gifts is through the U.S. Postal Service, which is just across the street from HERE Minneapolis.

Happy Holidays From Us to You!

Whether you’re crafting up a handmade gift in our rooftop sky lounge or one of the study lounges, or out shopping in our convenient neighborhood close to the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus, HERE Minneapolis is one of the best places to be this holiday season!


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