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3 Ways to Level-Up Your Life as a Post-Grad In Minneapolis


As a University of Minnesota graduate, maybe you’re ready to just head back home, relax, and take some time before making any big decisions. But for those of you who've decided it's time to spread your wings and fly, your friends at HERE Minneapolis have created a list of ways you can start your post-grad life on the right foot. Check out this awesome list of things to do as a post-grad in Minneapolis to kick off that next chapter of life.  

New Digs. New Decor. New You. 

So, you've decided to hang your hat in the Twin Cities. Excellent! Once you’ve found your new space, you're going to want to make it yours. Midtown Global Market is an awesome, eclectic spot with a variety of boutique shops full of unique decor from around the world. There are even a few stops to check out for mid-market snacking while you shop. So, pick out some fun, funky pieces that feel just right for your new place, and go create a home that is unapologetically you. 

Creature Comforts

While decor and in-home essentials are a must, so is furniture. If you're looking for some post-modern furniture to go with your 2022 post-grad status, then Curiosity on Second Street has you covered. This is the place you go when you want your home to live out loud. Give your new home a look and feel that's one-of-a-kind – so why not get a little decoratively adventurous? 

Now Get Out There

Your new life in Minnesota requires far more than walls and a roof. Life is meant to be lived, after all. And with summer upon us, you should take advantage of all the nature surrounding you. Whether it's a weekend camping trip at Baker Campground or spending the afternoon hiking the Nine Mile Creek Trail, you'll need gear. Garage Grown Gear off University Avenue is a local small business specializing in lightweight and durable outdoor clothing and equipment. But don't let the word "lightweight" worry you. You can also purchase winter-rated gear so you can stay active during those chilly Minnesota winters.

Congrats Class of 2022!

With only a short time before graduation, your friends at HERE Minneapolis encourage you to live life to the max! Take advantage of all the social spaces and upscale amenities, and be sure to check out our Neighborhood page to get a head start planning new adventures in the Twin Cities. Good luck. Have fun. And congratulations to the class of 2022!


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